POU Water Dispenser Questions:

Is the POU Certified? – Most alternatives are not as well certified, possibly because the design may not meet the relevant standards.

Quality of Materials? – Alternatives sometimes use poor, inferior raw materials to cut costs.

Button and Faucet? – Button and faucet are separated with Waterlogic systems. This reduces the risk of contamination of dirty hands touching the water tap (faucet).

Exposed Water Taps? – Exposed taps are a haven for bacteria, and are easily touched by bottles, cups, hands, etc.

Cold Water Tank Sealed? – innowave Cold tank is sealed with UV inside.

BioCote Protection? – Waterlogic exclusively uses BioCote® antimicrobial protection on the external components, as an additional defense mechanism in addition to regular cleaning.

Safety Features? – Waterlogic dispensers include leak detection systems and heat sensors.

For more info visit : http://lesliewaterworks.com/lww/water-facts/