BioCote® Swabs were carried out on a string of ATMs in busy shopping streets found the chip and pin pads were harbouring as many harmful bacteria as nearby public toilets. Scientists took swabs from pin pads on different cash machines used by hundreds of shoppers each day and took them back to a laboratory to develop.

The study revealed the presence of various bacteria on all the objects sampled; these bacteria including enteric coliforms, Pseudomonas and Bacillus.

Dr Richard Hastings, microbiologist for BioCote and Jayna Patel, university science intern who carried out the research, said: ‘We were interested in comparing the levels of bacterial contamination between heavily-used ATM machines and public toilets.

We were surprised by our results because the ATM machines were shown to be heavily contaminated with bacteria; to the same level as the as nearby public toilets. In addition the bacteria we detected on ATMs were similar to those from the toilet, which are well known as causes of common human illnesses. Know more :