Dr Richard Hastings, a resident microbiologist and Technical Director of BioCote Ltd is interviewed on BBC WM radio talking about combatting hospital superbugs with BioCote®‘s silver ion antimicrobial technology. BioCote® protected products show dramatic reductions in bacterial contamination in a UK Nursing home.

During the refurbishment of a Leicester based care home a residence comprising of a bedroom and a bathroom was refitted with a range of BioCote® treated antimicrobial products and another with untreated comparable products to serve as a control.

Over a 5 month trial period swabs were collected from both BioCote treated and non treated surfaces in both residences.

The results showed the average difference in bacterial counts between BioCote treated products in residence 1 and non BioCote® treated products in residence 2. of 94.8%. Alongside further results the study shows that products treated with BioCote antimicrobial protection can reduce contamination in a nursing home environment.  Know more : http://lesliewaterworks.com/