A Fresh Approach and New Look – The WaterLogic WL-800 Max II™ brings a new and fresh approach, and a new look, to point-of-use systems in the marketplace.  The WL800 Max II is designed to meet the high demands for pure water in high traffic areas.

The intuitive paddle operation and tall dispensing area allows for filling of large jugs and carafes, while dispensing cold or hot water. This bottleless water dispenser maintains the water hygiene in its large capacity tanks by using its ultraviolet system.

Easy to clean and use faucets. Hot water safety feature to protect against accidental usage. Tall dispensing area is ideal for filling large jugs and carafes. Re-circulating UV lamp maintains water hygiene. With RO filtration (reverse osmosis) to make the poorest quality water good. Sleek profile for good looks and castors on base for easy relocation.

This reduces the need for preventative maintenance and improves drinking water quality. The WaterLogic WL-800 Max II™ treatment process includes Sediment Filtration (EV9600-00) reducing particles as small as half micron in size. Half micron filtration traps contaminants and reduce chlorine & organic contaminants.